Read how Dianetics is making positive changes in people’s lives
Auditing another and seeing them confront and handle life is exciting. Since doing the Dianetics Seminar, I have been able to assist people resolve their hearing problems, suicidal tendencies and get rid of the pain on the loss of loved ones. It is just a matter of applying what is in Dianetics and then you get the result. In fact, from the very first session I delivered, I could see it worked. Dianetics gave me a way to help people with their problems in life.
After auditing on the Dianetics Seminar I stopped blaming others for my problems. When I used to do this, I found I was always getting angry with the people I loved the most. I realised I was running away from my problems and difficult situations. Now I am able to confront my problems and make improvements in my life. —Tim Lomas
My first experience with Dianetics allowed me to erase years of sorrow over my father’s death. I was 17 when he died and I always felt I had failed to live up to what was expected of me as the “man in the family.” By addressing this traumatic incident and erasing all the negative feelings, I am a new man, ready to live life to the fullest. —DS
All of the negativity is gone. In a few Dianetics sessions, I became calmer and happier. Negative things in life used to have strong effects on me. I wasn’t myself and I knew there was something wrong. Now with Dianetics, I am more awake and more aware. I notice things faster, and I actually see the beauty of life. I feel confident and things are going better. Things are falling into place, exactly how I need them. And I am well on my way to Clear. —Adrian H
I realised I do trust men. For the last 16 years I had little trust in men, thinking it was from a breakup—only to find it stemmed back to an earlier incident of lies and grief relating to a friend’s murder. Dianetics helped me find this and gave me back a sense of relief. —DL
What is Dianetics?
The painful experiences of our past clearly have an effect upon our present behavior. But to what degree, and why?

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